2022 Challenges – 30 Resolutions in 12 months [Shareable Graphics]

A big hello to all of you amazing people out there. This week, we are out with our first blog post in the 2022 Challenges series – Challenges for 2022: Breaking down 30 Resolutions [Part 1]. And we couldn’t be happier to tell you that we’ve found a way for you to let your social circle know that you’re up for a tough fight. If you’re planning on taking up these challenges in 2022, we’ve curated these shareable graphics for you to save digitally. We want your planning experience to feel amazing and at the same time, accessible. Hence, we’ve crafted this resolution plan for you, formed in chunks of 30 challenges spread over 12 months. Pin it, tweet it, gram it, save it! We hope this helps you find greater joy in planning.

Update: We started this off as a printable in three versions of 1:1 downloadable PDFs. While we’re still keeping these versions available for you to share as graphics on your socials, we are now live with the full size printable which is perfect for all your planning needs towards the 2022 Challenges. Additionally, we’ve also included seven review zones for you to do some personal introspection over the weekend or towards the end of the particular month. These are available in two versions, choose the one that vibes with you! You can find these printables under resources titled 2022 Monthly Challenges: Being Better at Resolutions This Year or head straight to our Downloads Page where you’ll find all our Printables and Shareable Graphics without the hassle of navigation.

You can find the graphics in three versions:

Mulberry Bliss

Classic B&W

Weekend Blues

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