2022 Monthly Challenges: Being better at Resolutions This Year

Hey there! Welcome to Productively Yours. We’re currently too excited to let you know that we’re back with our latest printable – 2022 Monthly Challenges. Like you’ve already noticed, the theme for this printable is “Being better at Resolutions this year,” and we’re going to keep trying to make your year even better with our equipped planning aids and radical views on personal and professional growth.

We have been publishing our quarterly challenges and updates for you to know how much progress we are making on these resolutions. We would love for you to take up these challenges with us month by month. There’s so much progress we can all make together, and that’s all we’re looking to achieve.

These printable come in two versions – there’s our classic version that feels completely like us with all heart and soul. We are personally using the “classic version” since it wholeheartedly feels like our personal brand at Productively Yours. However, we also understand that you might want a different experience with your printable and so, we’re also offering the “sunshine version” of the printable, which is the same framework but in a different colour scheme following yellow and black. The sunshine version is for all of you who feel motivated and inspired with a simple touch of yellow. We want your planning experience to feel amazing and at the same time, accessible. Hence, we’ve curated this resolution plan for you, formed in chunks of 30 challenges spread over 12 months.

You can find both the printables linked below:

2022 Monthly Challenges – Classic

2022 Monthly Challenges – Sunshine

Alternatively, you can explore our Downloads Page where we line up all of our free printables and shareable graphics. You can also find a short snippet of all the resources on the downloads page.

Here’s a sneak-peak into two pages of the 2022 Monthly Challenges:

Pin it, tweet it, gram it, save it! We hope this helps you find greater joy in planning.

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