Is The Fear of Letting Your Parents Down Stopping You?

In the book, ‘Think Like a Monk,’ Jay Shetty writes:

I see this fear around my parents – of them not getting along and of me, at a young age, trying to mediate their marriage. Of thinking, how can I please both of them? How can I manage them and make sure they’re happy? That’s when I find the root of my fear. What am I really scared of. I am afraid that I can’t make my parents happy.

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Why Change Is Difficult: 13 Things You Should Know

Change is difficult, especially when you’re used to things functioning one way. When dealing with family, friends, and coworkers, change can be challenging on a personal level. However, according to business executives, the repercussions of change may be even more catastrophic in your career if it goes wrong.

Here are 13 things you should know about change that may benefit you or someone else who is going through a big life transition.

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What I Learnt About Accepting Change In My Life

I’ve been trying hard for years, and there’s honestly been really tiny versions of progress. Some days, I really can’t keep a track of this growth unless I review the person I was two years back. Patience is the key since it will definitely take time, especially if you’re somebody like me. Also, the changes you’ll see in your habits and your mindset will be gradual. However, I believe that if you really want to try accepting change in life, at least start making tiny attempts at tuning your mindset. You’ll see some change in how you perceive the course of action in the long term.