5 Podcasts to Explore More about “Quiet Quitting”

Hey there! Welcome to this episode of Productively Yours where we talk about “Quiet Quitting” yet again. Recently, we’ve been exploring the volatile factors that are currently influencing the mindset shift when it comes to millennial careers. On that account, our Podcast curations have recently shifted to episodes revolving around how people are reacting to this term. We’ve come across a few that we totally loved and yes, a few reflect views conflicting with ours. Nevertheless, each episode is full of takeaways on how “quiet quitting” has created a breakthrough impact. And needless to say, it has compelled so many to speak out about it.

Before we list the podcasts below, let me give you a brief on our clash of opinions. The podcasts are ranked 1 to 5, depending on how much we could connect with the content. Podcasts 4 and 5 (The JC Ruiz Podcast and I Cry at Work) were two conflicting views which we don’t agree with. However, we had fun listening to the opposing views as well. Fair warning, they felt more like a rant rather than an informative episode. Have fun with your podcast session, here we go!

#1: The Modern Mentor Podcast

Episode: What to do about Quiet Quitting – if it’s even real (Sep 13, 2022)

Best is not a quantity game, so let’s make sure that the expectations we’re setting for ourselves, and our teams, are grounded in “impact” over “constant availability.”

The Modern Mentor Podcast

#2: Radical Candor

Episode: Quiet Quitting Speaks Loudly about Bad Bosses (Sep 21, 2022)

At Google, if you meet expectations and don’t exceed expectations, we put you on another project where you might be able to exceed expectations.

Radical Candor

#3: School of Sales by Guide Culture

Episode: Quiet Quitting (Sep 15, 2022)

The only way to break out of the system is to get out of what everybody else in the system is doing

School of Sales by Guide Culture

#4: The JC Ruiz Podcast

Episode: Quiet Quitting (Sep 09, 2022)

Nobody’s “quiet quitting.” We’re quitting the bulls*it. We’re quitting the drama. Like I said, we’re paid enough to do the bare minimum. If the job states that these are our responsibilities – these are our daily chores and tasks – and we do them, we’re not quiet quitting.

The JC Ruiz Podcast

#5: I Cry at Work

Episode: Quiet Quitting (Aug 26, 2022)

How many times have older generations told the younger generations this piece of advice. Work to live, don’t live to work. Sounds like a dream, isn’t it. Well, I have good news for these older generations – we actually took that advice!

I Cry at Work

To know more about our personal views on the term, read our previous post on “Is Quiet Quitting the Answer to a Better Work Culture?”

Drop your opinions below, we’d love to know your own take on this.

Productively, Yours! 🙂

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