6 Ways You Can Reward Yourself For Waking Up Early

Have you ever been a huge fanatic of the 5 AM Club, however couldn’t bring yourself to join it? We’re sure you’ve tried your hand at actual alarm clocks and tugging yourself early to bed. As fascinated as we are to know more about your journey towards a healthier, happier morning, we are as excited as ever to let you in on some of our personal inputs on ways that you can reward yourself for waking up early.

The past week, we were up for a discussion around the book “The 5 AM Club” authored by Robin Sharma. According to the book, rewards are a great way to inspire yourself and get a push towards waking up early. It helps you look forward to something post your wake-up schedule and could definitely be a strong part of your morning routine, if you have one. Here are a few rewards you can try:

  • Have an energetic drink of your preference

Nah! Of course, not alcohol. I think we all agree that’s not how a productive day starts. Of course, the first liquid entering your body should be a warm glass of water to get your body up and running. The second thing could be a warm drink of your preference that fuels up your energy. It could be a feel-good cozy mug of coffee or a soothing cup of tea. Smoothies, coconut water, juices — pick whatever ignites your mood and jump starts your day.

  • Engage in a spoonful of your comfort food

We’re not really fans of sugary delights first thing in the morning. However, a tiny spoonful of your favourite delicacy can certainly act as a reward. You can pick a tiny piece of your preferred chocolate, brownie or cheese and let your taste buds liven up. Try to smell your delicacies before you have them to engage your sense of smell as well.

  • Read a book that instantly activates you

My personal go-to is any self-improvement book on my current reads shelf. Reading activates your sight and thought process, it helps you prepare intellectually and strengthens your mind. If you are an avid reader like me, you’d love, love, love this reward as a part of your morning routine. Reading right before you settle down for your daily tasks helps you freshen up your headspace. Take in all of the motivation as you skim through the pages and prepare your mindset for the day!

  • Experience a slow and soothing shower

When we wake up later in the day, we’re hardly mindful of our daily practices. Brushing, bathing and breakfast turn into mere rituals we’ve been taught to practice since we barely remember. Understanding how these habits nourish your body is a healthy way of understanding yourself, no matter how trivial they may seem to us. Take the time to enjoy a slow and warm shower rather than rushing through everything first thing in the morning.

  • Cuddling up with your pet

Waking up to your doggo rushing to see you in the morning is everything you can wish for. The tail wags and the hearty cuddles will make up for your entire day. You’ll never regret waking up half an hour earlier to cuddle up with your pet and have tea with them sitting beside you. In an era with dog-walkers and care-takers taking up your share of responsibilities, this allows for some quality time to spend with your pet before they can see you for the rest of the day.

  • Kick start with some feel-good songs

Do I love listening to songs and being an imaginary main character in the story of my life? Hell, yes! While in college, listening to songs during commute was a routine. It prepared me for the day and I would look forward to the train rides with Indie India running on my Spotify Playlist. You are undoubtedly the star of your life and you deserve a few minutes of feel-good songs that remind you of how beautiful life can be, irrespective of your daily setbacks. There’s always a way through and happy moments are yet to roll. Let your playlist rule your day!

Are you ready to dump the morning mood sores and get grooving in the AM with the rewards you’ve set for yourself?

We’d love to know your personal experiences around rewards that you personally set up as well as your morning routines and what encourages you to wake up and have the morning of your life every single day. Drop your routines and experiences below and we’re sure some of them would help us find some inspiration ourselves. Thanks for being an amazing bunch as usual.

Until next time!

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