A Little Organizing for Better Mental Health before EOY

  1. Make a list of ideas and thoughts you’re experiencing. Now you can do this specifically for social media-based thoughts. However, it can be extended to other facets of your life as well. Especially with organized brain dumps, you can effectively create spaces for your thoughts organized by categories. Imagine it this way – a separate brain dump for work, social media, relationships, learning, hobbies, you name it. Journaling these ideas is important because when we journal our thoughts, we are giving them an outlet. We don’t have to worry about remembering most of the stuff. We can simply revisit our brain dumps to understand what we’re dealing with and how to tackle things in order of priority.
  2. Make time for spirituality. I think, the worst part is people always jumping to stereotypical thoughts, which essentially boils down this concept to the good, old ideology of religion. No! Spirituality does not require you to be religious. It simply means to come to terms with yourself, making time to understand what your deeper needs are. You don’t necessarily need to pick up holy scriptures and read through. However, you must try to understand what philosophy of life you agree with. Understand your values and priorities. What makes you tick. What makes you soulfully happy. Meditate for a few minutes so that you can understand your body on a deeper level. Do some affirmations and breathing exercises. The basic purpose is to form a meaningful connection with yourself.
  3. Go on a tiny cleaning spree. You can create a cleaning routine that works for you. It’s really important to have a good environment around ourselves, else we tend to slide towards frustration. It’s really not rocket science to understand that when you watch piles of mess around yourself, you tend to feel a little disoriented. The clutter is no longer physical, it feels mental as well. Hence, taking some time off to clear things out would definitely help you feel way better.
  4. Unfollow people whose thoughts drain you of energy. No, it’s not important to maintain a following-to-follower ratio on social media. It is however a known fact that your thoughts are the average of the top five people you surround yourself with. In this world that has turned so virtual, I think we ought to consider what happens when we’re surrounding ourselves with hundreds, maybe thousands of people. When you have physical friends, you can choose them wisely. With online friends, I’ve observed that we don’t use our discretions so well. It’s important to not let dispassionate, hateful, polarized thoughts affect our levels of good energy. So, if you find these people on your list who have a negative impact on you, press that unfollow button right away!
  5. There’s a method called companion audit in Jay Shetty’s book ‘Think Like a Monk.’ Do that! Try to understand whether the people you spend your time with are worth your time and energy. Are they helping you grow or are they keeping you from growing. Do your friends and companions resonate with your values or help you set a pace of life that helps you be in line with your values. Also, prior to doing this exercise, be open-minded. Everybody plays a different role in your life. The goal is to spend lesser time with people who are keeping you stagnant in your mindset.

Resources to help you:

  • Here’s a link to the book: Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty if you want to try out more life audits and exercises
  • You can gauge yourself on spirituality as well as other important areas of your life using this productivity method called Level 10 Goals

Let us know what you’re planning before the end of the year to prepare yourself for an amazing 2023!

Ri and Ved @ Productively Yours

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