A Week in Our Life | Weekly Wrap-up | December 02, 2022

‘A Week in Our Life’ is a weekly wrap-up that we are hosting at Productively Yours where we talk to you about what we were up to the entire week. I absolutely love doing this because I feel this brings us closer to you. But also, this helps us review how we’ve grown through this week and encourages us to vocalize on a few ideas. And hey, we’re just playing some “catch – up” with life, week after week, while we review our progress and hold on to some joyful memories. This is also because we want to feel connected to our viewership and these wrap-ups feel really personal. Besides, we also most definitely want to know how your week was, so drop your stories in the comments below. Let’s go!

A Week in Our Life:

This week, I am feeling a little more social. I feel like I’m going back to being myself. Conversations with friends have started making me feel better. Like I mentioned in last week’s wrap-up, I gave my CAT exam on Sunday. To be honest, I had to be dragged off the bed until the very last minute. Maybe it was just a calculated inhibition that was keeping me from giving it. But I loved that this was probably the only exam of my life where I wasn’t so scared or anxious. Of course, the reason being that I hadn’t gone in with the mindset of acing the exam. I just wanted to give a mock, a trial round before I actually think of giving it seriously. Hoo-ever, overall it was a nice experience to not have to deep breathe like I’m getting a panic attack in the middle of the exam.

Vedant did not turn up for his exam this year because his centre was allotted in Nashik AGAIN. It really feels like deja-vu, the same story year after year. One of these times, he’s just got to travel and give the exam. Duh!

I was also over at my sisters’ this weekend, right after CAT. And my Sunday couldn’t have been better. I watched Mishka climb down the bed and smile (such a HUGE smile) when she saw me. That small, 2-year bundle of joy wrapped into what I call my niece was all I needed to hold and cuddle over the weekend. Di and Vedant had some great conversations around football and work-life and oh, the dinner was beyond awesome! Life was just better, lighter.

On a professional level, this week was better even in terms of workload. I got a nice, recovery week with my colleague stepping up and taking over a lot of the work burden that normally falls onto my shoulders. I’m just really happy that she thought of me and tried to lessen my workload. Moreover, she tried to independently take up a lot of tasks that she normally wouldn’t; I’m younger to her but I feel so proud! Because I know this was not easy for her owing to her personality, but she managed.

Even for Vedant, this was a fun week at work. On Wednesday, they were celebrating Jersey Day when everybody at work showed up wearing jerseys that belonged to their favourite football clubs. Vedant turned up wearing the jersey for Spain and this was the MOST EXCITED he has been all week.

This week has been a little chill-er for me personally. I hit a lot of hard points in my life, took a lot of tough decisions that I might talk about in my next coffee meet. All in all, the week was a week of good failures. And I wish I had been able to perceive life so weightlessly before I turned 23. Though, a few conversations with people did make me feel like a nerve in my head is bursting open — I think the week was basically ideal. Nice. Comforting. Calming. Growth-enriching. Failure-embracing. Let’s take a pause on the adjectives…

What we’re reading this week:

What we read every week is broken into an improvement block and a reset block.

Books that we pick for our improvement blocks are the ones that we read while working. Our improvement blocks are mostly a 10-minute break post every task that we complete. This helps us stay focused and improves our workability. We also mention the Level 10 Goal that this particular book is helping us progress in. Since these are mostly self-improvement and non-fiction, there’s always some area of focus to pin.

Books that we pick for our reset blocks are the ones that we read when we’re doing our sleep routine. These books are mostly fiction, so they help us move into a calmer state of mind, feels relaxing and breaks the long workday. We’re also putting down our weekly ratings for these books, they might just boom to a sky-high 5 or plummet to a sea-deep 1 towards the end. Stay tuned!

Improvement Block:

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There Level 10 Goal: Personal Development | Review so far: 3.5 / 5 | Link to purchase

Attitude is everything by Jeff Keller

Attitude is Everything by Jeff KellerLevel 10 Goal: Personal Development | Review so far: 3.5 / 5 | Link to purchase

Reset Block:

The Wish by Nicholas Sparks

The Wish by Nicholas Sparks | Genre: Contemporary Romance | Review so far: 4 / 5 | Link to purchase

What we’re listening to this week:

  • Why instant gratification is The Secret to Success — The Daily Boost Podcast
  • Miles Williams: Mental Health in Times of Transition, Molding Your Self-Care to Who you Are, and more! — Because Life Podcast
  • What is Positive Discontent? — The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor
  • How to create habits that is stick – with minimum effort and maximum results by Paula paint — Optimal Living Daily

What we’re watching this week:

  • Chicago Med – Season 4 (TV Series) – Ri
  • 2 Hearts (Movie) starring Jacob Elordi – Ri
  • How I Met Your Mother (TV Series) – Ved

Blog post this week:

Our Instagram Posts from this week:

Love that you tried to spend some time getting to know our lives, we would like to know yours too. Pin down your weekly updates in the comments below. Until next week, love and virtual hugs!

Ri and Ved @ Productivelyours

Disclaimer — Posts are authored jointly by Vedant and Ritika, worded by Ritika in first person and reviewed by Vedant for the final version — for any narrative confusion, please read accordingly

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