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‘A Week in Our Life’ is a weekly wrap-up that we are hosting at Productively Yours where we talk to you about what we were up to the entire week. I absolutely love doing this because I feel this brings us closer to you. But also, this helps us review how we’ve grown through this week and encourages us to vocalize on a few ideas. And hey, we’re just playing some “catch – up” with life, week after week, while we review our progress and hold on to some joyful memories. This is also because we want to feel connected to our viewership and these wrap-ups feel really personal. Besides, we also most definitely want to know how your week was, so drop your stories in the comments below. Let’s go!

A Week in Our Life:


The past two weeks I’ve been house hunting and honestly, I kind of feel exhausted at the moment. Mom and me, we’ve been planning to move to a bigger space by the end of the month. It’s been a plan since the first week of January and this year, I had resolved to not settle for spaces that I don’t really vibe with. However, we might not really get the perfect house we were looking for this time as well. There’s always one factor that’s off. Maybe the amount of light coming in isn’t so good. Maybe the house isn’t furnished well. Maybe the washrooms aren’t well done. It’s a nice add-on stress to shortlist something that works for you on all fronts. But I’ll probably give y’all an update once we’ve actually crossed this off our list.

Work is good, I’ve been feeling pretty confident with myself professionally. Might write a little on what I feel really worked for me on that front. Reading has been at a good pace and I’m absolutely loving my current reads. Besides, I just vacay-ed last month in Odisha so that was pretty cool. It was the perfect time off I needed. And I just know that coming back from a break has really made me more efficient at work!


This week, I have been offered to give a tiny workshop at my workplace and I’m really looking forward to it. There’s also this trip to Alibaug that I’m going on tomorrow with my work buddies. The past week has been super hectic at work, I couldn’t make time for sports or even workout for that matter. I really needed a break and the trip to Alibaug was the best way to ease off the tension built up in the past week. Lately, I have been planning, scheduling and implementing systems for better time management and it is going really well. I find myself being able to do things on time, also I don’t miss out on important deadlines. My mind rests at ease and I quickly document everything that is needed to be scheduled. This helps me not worry about having to brainstorm later.

Yeah! This is my first time blogging in first person and it really feels light as we keep journaling about the difficult and happy times of our week. In the end, I really look forward to the next week with a positive outlook and I’m letting go of the worries of the past week.

Before Moving to our Current Reads:

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Explore a few books to add to your own TBR this week!

What we’re reading this week:

What we read every week is broken into an improvement block and a reset block.

Books that we pick for our improvement blocks are the ones that we read while working. Our improvement blocks are mostly a 10-minute break post every task that we complete. This helps us stay focused and improves our workability. We also mention the Level 10 Goal that this particular book is helping us progress in. Since these are mostly self-improvement and non-fiction, there’s always some area of focus to pin.

Books that we pick for our reset blocks are the ones that we read when we’re doing our sleep routine. These books are mostly fiction, so they help us move into a calmer state of mind, feels relaxing and breaks the long workday. We’re also putting down our weekly ratings for these books, they might just boom to a sky-high 5 or plummet to a sea-deep 1 towards the end. Stay tuned!

Improvement Block:

1. HBR Guide to Managing Stress at Work Level 10 Goal: Career + Personal Development | Review so far: 4 / 5 

Link to Purchase This Book on Amazon

2. Work Rules by Laszlo BockLevel 10 Goal: Career | Review so far: 3.5 / 5

Link to Purchase This Book on Amazon

Reset Block:

3. Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari Genre: History and Culture | Review so far: 4.5 / 5

Link to Purchase This Book on Amazon

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Ri & Ved @ Productively Yours
Ri & Ved @ Productively Yours

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