A Week in Our Life | Weekly Wrap-up | January 06, 2023

I know I said I’m going to post every week and then I went MIA for 10 days. The truth is I’ve been feeling so damn busy over the past week. A huge emphasis on ‘feeling.’ It all started on December 31, 2022 – the last day of the year. I was all keyed-up to schedule our new YouTube video that talks about The Piko Shop Planner. Don’t you, for a second, think I’m not completely obsessed with it. However, after the walkthrough, I was feeling overwhelmed. I’ve never really done YouTube, so this was a huge End-of-the-Year step for me. Now, I totally get it if you think I’m being a teenager gushing over a new experience, but I AM!

Moving ahead, I had such a nice time creating my video that I sabotaged my New Year. For the first three days, I was so preoccupied with planning stuff. I wanted to plan my goals, my to-dos, my vision board and the likes – but I got so caught up with it. I ended up doing nothing on my to-do list for the blog. There was so much chaos in my head, I couldn’t even draft up the post that I had already recorded three-fourths of.

It’s infuriating that I can’t seem to pin down on an editorial calendar that would actually work for me. It’s also frustrating that we lost the kind of engagement we previously had on our Instagram channel. But I guess I learned the hard way that this is how it is with social media. You can’t afford to be inconsistent.

Anyhow, I ended up entering the 3rd of January feeling utterly helpless and losing a lot of connectivity with myself. And believe me, I was on top of the world three days ago. Finally, I took some real charge and planned out my top three priorities for the year – health, career and studies. There was intense time-blocking, but I’m kind of at peace with my current schedule. It’s pretty realistic and not at all overwhelming – which is pretty much why I’ve been able to keep up for two whole days.

I just want to end this week by telling you guys that you don’t have to plan everything down to the bone. Personally, I’ve created an overall plan but I’m not blocking every inch of my calendar with a to-do (and I’m loving it!)

And following on the tiny routine that I set up for myself, I’m definitely making progress. I’ve been able to exercise every day and the endorphins do make life better — yeeps! It doesn’t feel so tiring even after my worst days at work.

Vedant has made some progress on what he wants to achieve this year but he’s yet to pen it down. He’ll probably talk about his own experience in the next ‘Week In Our Life.’

I’m not putting up our current reads, watches and podcasts as of now. The week has been kind of fast. But I will be posting the coming Tuesday. Stay tuned!

And Happy New Year, guys!

Ri and Ved @ Productivelyours

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