A Week in Our Life | Weekly Wrap-up | January 13, 2023

‘A Week in Our Life’ is a weekly wrap-up that we are hosting at Productively Yours where we talk to you about what we were up to the entire week. I absolutely love doing this because I feel this brings us closer to you. But also, this helps us review how we’ve grown through this week and encourages us to vocalize on a few ideas. And hey, we’re just playing some “catch – up” with life, week after week, while we review our progress and hold on to some joyful memories. This is also because we want to feel connected to our viewership and these wrap-ups feel really personal. Besides, we also most definitely want to know how your week was, so drop your stories in the comments below. Let’s go!

A Week in Our Life:

Like I mentioned the previous week, it’s been a little stressful since New Year. We’ve both been trying to catch hold of our schedules and priorities. Work has been really difficult, there’s hardly been moments the past few weeks when we’ve managed to catch a moment to breathe. Honestly, the one thing that keeps me going right now is uncertainty. To be constantly unaware of where life is taking you is turning out to be a survival strategy. And I’m not proud of it, it’s straight up overwhelming to be tackling every single task like it’s on Priority 1.

Anyhoo, I’m travelling next week and I’m really looking forward to this break. Maybe, I’ll finally be able to clear up my mind and wrap my head around what direction I’m going in. The only thing I’ve been really sure about is Productively Yours. And so, here’s my weekly attempt at capturing our life stories in these tiny blog posts. It’s just been too much planning and no execution for the past two weeks. The emphasize for the rest of the month would be to change that.

Vedant is having the time of his life. He’s finally re-registered for an exam he was really looking forward to for the past many months. Though, work has been really tough on him too, he seems to be managing it well. Maybe, I’ll pick a few lessons from him. To be honest, he does always have some sound, practical advice for the problems I bring to the table for discussion. This week, I’ll probably follow up on them.

If you’ve been in a ruckus trying to plan your goals since the New Year, please let us know your experience. I could use all the help in the world, right now.

What we’re reading this week:

What we read every week is broken into an improvement block and a reset block.

Books that we pick for our improvement blocks are the ones that we read while working. Our improvement blocks are mostly a 10-minute break post every task that we complete. This helps us stay focused and improves our workability. We also mention the Level 10 Goal that this particular book is helping us progress in. Since these are mostly self-improvement and non-fiction, there’s always some area of focus to pin.

Books that we pick for our reset blocks are the ones that we read when we’re doing our sleep routine. These books are mostly fiction, so they help us move into a calmer state of mind, feels relaxing and breaks the long workday. We’re also putting down our weekly ratings for these books, they might just boom to a sky-high 5 or plummet to a sea-deep 1 towards the end. Stay tuned!

Improvement Block:

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod Level 10 Goal: Personal Development | Review so far: 3 / 5 | Link to purchase

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod Level 10 Goal: Career + Personal Development | Review so far: 4.5 / 5 | Link to purchase

Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman Level 10 Goal: Personal Development | Review so far: 4 / 5 | Link to purchase

Note: No Reset Block Reads this week, but we’ll pick one soon

Our Instagram Posts from this week:

Love that you tried to spend some time getting to know our lives, we would like to know yours too. Pin down your weekly updates in the comments below. Let us know what you’re reading, watching and loving this week. Until next time, love and virtual hugs!

Ri & Ved @ Productively Yours
Ri & Ved @ Productively Yours

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