Hi, we are Productively Yours!

We are two individuals trying to navigate through life, with a constant drive to recognize and bridge literary and productivity needs. Books are a passion that we aim to share with our fellow readers while also striving to help them with mental health resources and enabling this to be a more accepted topic to talk about.

Productively Yours is a passion project, ideated over a random cup of double chocolate mocha. It was started as a collective effort by two “thrown-off balance” people stemming out of Mumbai – Ved and Ri. Through this endeavor, we visualize creating a tiny yet joyful impact with our posts and resources in the lives of people who are new to exploring the world of personal growth and adulting, just like we are. We believe in creativity, connection and being true to yourself – and that is all we hope to add to your life.

What you can expect with us: We are writing about books and product reviews broadly around self-improvement, picks and mindset takeaways from growth-based movies and podcasts, productivity recommendations, and we’re also sharing across our personal mental health experiences and what helped us overcome them. We also have dedicated Coffee Meet series, wherein we casually capture our opinions and personal thoughts around a new ideas and reflections.

You can join us on our journey and help us be a part of yours:

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  • Prompt: Tell us about a book that you absolutely loved and why?

Productively, Yours! 🙂

Here to share some stories on books, life and coffee!

Ri and Ved @ Team PY

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