We do love coffee a lot!

– Ri & V @ Team PY

Hi, we are Productively Yours!

We are a team of people trying to hype up your energy levels as efficiently as coffee does. We’re on a constant drive to recognize and bridge your productivity needs. Books are a passion that we aim to share with our literary-enhanced audience and we’re also striving to help our readers with mental health resources, while also enabling this to be a more accepted topic to talk about.

Productively Yours is a team project, ideated over a random cup of steaming double chocolate mocha, wherein we visualize reaching those countless people in whose everyday, mundane lives we can create a tiny yet joyful impact with our posts and resources. We believe in creativity, connection and being true to yourself – and that is all we hope to add in your life.

What you can expect with PY: We are writing about books and reviews broadly around personal and professional development, top picks in growth-based movies and podcasts, productivity guides and recommendations, and we’re also sharing across our personal mental health experiences and what helped us overcome them. The last week of every month is dedicated to our ongoing Coffee Meet series, wherein we capture our opinions and personal review on a new prompt each month. Also, resources! We love making life focused and accessible for you – we’ll be creating an assortment of printables and shareable graphics; each resource created with the intent of making “productivity” effortless for you.

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Productively, Yours! 🙂

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