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A big hello to all of you amazing people out there. This week, we are out with our first blog post for the year – Top Quotes | The Weight of a Cherry Blossom and we couldn’t be happier to tell you, we’ve found a way for you to feel more connected to these quotes and phrases. We want your reading experience to feel shareable and at the same time, accessible. Hence, we’ve curated these shareable graphics for you. Pin it, tweet it, gram it, save it! We hope this helps you find greater joy in reading 🙂

How to share these on your socials:

Long press on the image –> click on share –> choose the social media site and medium you’d like to share it on and you’re all set.

Alternatively, you can find these as posts updated on our official instagram page in the coming week for direct sharing

Two ways to download the following shareable graphics:

1: Right click on the image –> Click on Save Image As –> Rename the file (optional) –> Click OK

2: Scroll down and find the download links –> Click on the hyperlink (e.g. 1) to preview the image being downloaded –> Click on the download button

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