Book Review | Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller

Book Synopsis:

Do you dread going to work? Do you feel tired, unhappy, weighed down? Have you given up on your dreams? The road to a happier, more successful life starts with your ATTITUDE — and your attitude is within your control.

Whether your outlook is negative, positive or somewhere in between, Jeff Keller, motivational speaker and coach, will show you how to take control and unleash your hidden potential through three powerful steps:

• THINK! Success begins in the mind. The power of attitude can change your destiny.

• SPEAK! Watch your words. How you speak can propel you towards your goals.

• ACT! Don’t sit back. Take active steps to turn your dreams into reality.

Consider yourself an immmediate winner when you take the step and do the thing you fear

Jeff Keller, Attitude is Everything

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The Experience of reading Attitude is Everything

I like to believe that I find a way through to books that motivate me exactly when I most need them in my life. Attitude is Everything is another such book that found me when life just seemed to pile up into an uncontrollable mess. The book is amazing and it was a short, quick read. I don’t think I had to put in more than a few hours into reading it through and through. It was a “work and break” read for me; every time I thought of taking a coffee break, I’d just rummage through the pages and read a few chapters. The end of every chapter would always end up making me feel more and more motivated to accomplish things rather than stick to the dreary comfort zone.

The book had three specific parts to it; Part 1 entailed around the theme “Success begins in the mind”, which was all about changing the way you think or perceive your situations. After all, we become what we project, isn’t it? This part was pretty affirming to me, led me to feel more positive about current scenarios and was a push towards positive thinking. Part 2 entailed around the theme “Watch your Words”, again a great topic to think about. However, I was not very peaked to read this through and I hardly remember skipping parts to get to the best part of the book which is… Part 3. Circling around the main theme “Heaven helps those who act” – this part was all about actions and nothing motivates me better than somebody mentioning actionables. Not that I’m not a huge fan of motivation, I am a sucker for those tiny quotes to keep you going forward in life. But actionable to-dos and real-life hacks are what really intrigue me and keep me hooked to a self-improvement book.

How the book made me feel:

I liked the book, but it did not give me those heavenly feels that a self-help genre usually does for me. Some parts were boring, while some had truly amazing content. I personally feel like the book left me feeling braver and inclined to pursue something outside my comfort zone.

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