Book Review | Do Epic Shit by Ankur Warikoo


3 relationships that define almost everything that happens to us in our lives.

The relationship we have with Money.

The relationship we have with Time.

The relationship we have with Ourselves.

About the Author:

Ankur Warikoo is a content creator and entrepreneur known for his profound, humourous, and forthright opinions on successes and failures, money and investing, identity, and interpersonal relations. His ideas vary from the significance of developing routines for long-term success to the fundamentals of financial management, from accepting and acknowledging failure to the true meaning of learning compassion.

Our thoughts come from the people we follow on social media, the books, podcasts, anything we consume.

We aren’t with people anymore.

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Ankur Warikoo, Do Epic Shit.

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The Experience of reading Do Epic Shit

Let me start off with this — Ankur Warikoo is such an amazing content creator and anybody who follows him on any of his social handles is instantly inspired. His book, Do Epic Shit, published in late 2021, is an energizing and motivational read. It’s a bunch of small passages that he has also previously posted on his social media and has received an amazing audience response on the same. For our today’s youth, who are constantly feeling uprooted in their lives with little to no idea of where they want to go and who they want to be, his posts are an intuitive way of living life; or that is how I particularly feel. His book is more of a mentoring guide wherein he has encapsulated his major thoughts and experiences around the elements of Success (and failure), Habits, Awareness, Entrepreneurship, Money and Relationships.

I love how he derives his thoughts from his own personal experiences and the book is transparent about his journey as a founder, student and entrepreneur. It does not mask his failures, but rather lets you into the lessons that he has learnt the harder way.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for something that is inspirational and easy to read in small chunks, this is the book for you. All of his major ideas posted on his socials captured into one tiny little book. I honestly loved the book and when it comes to the content, I felt it was repetitive majorly because I follow him on all channels and I’ve read all these bits somewhere or the other. However, I loved reading them all over again and if you’ve never read any of his posts (which I think is quite improbable), you should definitely have a go at this book. It’ll leave you feeling with a will to be better at life, relationships, money and gives you a new perspective on how you view your failures. I might just make a failure resume, myself! Read the book to know more about this concept. **laughs awkwardly**

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