Book Review Policy — Guide to PY’s Exclusive Book-Rating Process

Reviewing books is an individual interaction and is usually different for everyone. Here is our personal reviewing framework that we refer to while conducting our book reviews. Ideally, this should help you understand our preferences and rating system better. Additionally, we would also like to help you comprehend that these reviews are not drafted on a discretionary basis. We have a consistent and specific process of reviewing; however, our views pertaining to each book are subjective to our personal tastes. What we totally admired about a book might not suit your interests, and vice versa. And we would love to know your experience with the book, no matter how different it might be from ours. Check out all of our book reviews under the category Books, Reviews & Lists today!

Here’s what our rating means:

Five stars

Purchase this on your way back home. This is a must-read!

We were absolutely engaged with this book from start to end. Everything about this book connected with us. We felt inspired as we moved further into our reading journey. We wouldn’t think twice if you asked us, “Should I read this book?” — the answer would be a hard YES! Moreover, we don’t spread 5-star reviews like confetti. These are pretty rare on our list and we usually reserve them for books that were completely worth it.

Four Stars

I loved the book, and I would definitely suggest you to read it.

Most of the books we choose are already on our TBR list, so we’re usually picking out of our own preferences. This is why you’ll find a lot of our reads to fall in this category. We are not extremely liberal with a 4-star rating, however we have recently found a lot of the books in our list to be highly inspiring. Given this rating, you won’t have to worry about how amazing the book’s content is going to be. You’ll mostly love the book, however we aren’t entirely confident of how much it’ll adhere to your preferences. This is a DEFINITE suggestion from our end, but we won’t push too much on its behalf.

Three Stars

I liked the book just enough to recommend it.

A 3-star rating from us means we found this to be a normally engaging, casual read. We’ll probably not remember much about this book later on, but it was a read-in-the-moment thing for us. The experience was fun, however not consistently engrossing. We wouldn’t push on the recommendation. Nevertheless, if you were looking to experiment, we would probably bring it up in one of our mentions. To simplify, we liked it just the right amount to suggest it to you.

Two Stars

I did not like the book enough to recommend it.

We pushed ourselves through this book. This could either be a book with a very common synopsis, brimming with generalizations or the content just set us off. We were not really amused with the book, it was more of a tolerable read than something we really enjoyed. We would not recommend this book, however you can take a hit-and-miss chance on your personal preferences with this one.

One Star

Please never ask me to read this again. Definitely not going to recommend it.

We rarely give a one-star rating to any book. As readers, we never want to come across a book that we would ever despise. Hence, if we can’t practically explain our disdain for a book, it has really touched our nerves. There’s a 90% chance we didn’t even read this book to the end. We definitely don’t recommend this book. It’s a hard NO from us. Read at your own risk.

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