Challenges for 2022: Breaking down 30 Resolutions (Part 3)

Welcome back to our series on Challenges for 2022, where we are breaking down our 30 yearly resolutions in challenges. So far, we’ve been able to cover diverse goals through these challenges; goals that we usually frame in the form of resolutions. It’s been a roller-coaster ride up to this point, and we see a productivity-enhanced 2022 ahead in the next few quarters as well. Have you been able to decide which ones you’d like to take up?

We’ve already posted on our challenges for Q1 and Q2. In this part we’ll be taking you through a summary of what our third quarter is going to look like:

Challenges for Q3

July Challenges 2022

July Challenges – 2022

  • Post on my personal IG every day. Social Media is something I’ve been pretty good at but not consistent enough. Gradually, over the years, I’ve lost touch with putting myself out there like I used to. This is directly related to my personal goal of getting outside my comfort zone. I’d like to consistently post for a month and get over my social slump. There’s more than ever for me to put out there for everybody to get value from, and I’m going to use this as an opportunity to do just that!
  • Get fresh flowers for home every weekend. Flowers are something I generally cherish, yet I’m extremely picky about the ones that fall on my spectrum of “likes”. I love watching pretty things around me, they rejuvenate your surroundings. Wildflowers have always caught my interest; there’s something about them that simply connects with me. I’d love to start getting fresh flowers as a way of keeping my immediate environment full of joy and life.
  • Stick to a sleep routine. Sleep in itself is a challenge for me. I’ve recently started taking up the 12-Week Fitness Project by Rujuta Diwekar. The challenge specifies better sleep quality as one of the outcomes, and we’re looking forward to trying the guidelines out. The challenges work; in fact, the first time around I was able to completely get rid of my menstrual cramps within a week. I’m hoping to find a more stable routine by the time July is here. My plan of action mainly involves no gadgets 60 minutes before sleeping, getting to bed by midnight (still unhealthy but great progress from my usual 4 a.m.), buying myself an alarm clock instead of depending on my phone’s alarm, following a skin routine before bed, some quiet time instead of hustle, dietary changes to get quality sleep and reading a book before bed-time.
August Challenges 2022

August Challenges – 2022

  • No sugar for 20 days this month. We’ve been trying to switch to jaggery as a healthier substitute for sugar. According to Alpa Momaya, a Registered Nutritional Practitioner, jaggery facilitates quicker digestion and flushes toxins. It thus helps in increasing the metabolism of the body. She goes ahead and states other benefits like prevention of respiratory problems, assistance with weight loss and reducing joint pain. On that note, I’ll be trying to cut down on refined sugar for 20 days this month while I make an effort towards a sustainable replacement.
  • Complete a 30-day challenge. I’m pretty positive that this would be a workout challenge for me. The reason is that exercise is a pain point in my life and these challenges are meant to help me push my way through them. If you’re taking up these challenges, a few suggestions would be a 30-day gratitude challenge, 30-day self-care challenge or a 30-day reading challenge. You can explore 30-day options on Pinterest. It’s been my go-to place as a non-exhaustive resource for ideas and inspiration for so many years now!
September Challenges 2022

September Challenges – 2022

  • No work on weekends. If you’ve read our recent post Coffee Meet @ PY: How to Make Time for Yourself, we discuss work boundaries and our approach and opinion on this. We’ve also gone ahead and posted our Best Quotes from Burnout, authored by Amelia and Emily Nagoski. Tiny update: we shall be live with a review of the book soon. As a Team, we are completely aligned with our thoughts on work-life balance, irrespective of how passionate you are about your career. A reset is required; rest is mandatory. For a person like me who’s had a tough time saying “NO” and with an infinite drive towards creating the best career of my life, this challenge was a need of life. I haven’t worked weekends ever since I entered 2022 and I would like to keep it that way. Easy bet that this is not going to be as difficult as expected.
  • Eat breakfast every day. All of my hope for this particular challenge lies in my current 12-Week Fitness Project. I completely suck at eating the most important meal of the day. There have been endless instances of skipping breakfast and surviving on coffee for most of my mornings. I’m going to change that with gradual efforts starting today, and a month-wide effort in September.
  • Set a purpose for all my savings A/Cs. Why is this important? Because you have to be sure about what you’re saving for, what’s your goal amount and how much do you need to save every month to reach that amount. Saving has to have a purpose. You could save an “x” amount every month and still not achieve it by a deadline because you under-estimated your contribution. Contrarily, you could over-estimate and thus, miss out on so many things in life because you wanted to keep your money stuck to your wallet. Whether it’s saving up to buy a house or a car, an emergency fund, a short-term goal – no matter if it sounds unimportant to you right now, name your A/C according to the purpose it serves. This challenge is going to be amazingly fun!

We’re currently too excited to let you know that we’re live with our latest printable – 2022 Monthly Challenges. The theme for this printable is “Being better at Resolutions this year,” and we’re going to keep trying to make your year even better with our equipped planning aids and radical views on personal and professional growth. The printable comes in two versions – Classic and Sunshine; both of which we love! Click on the link to find the printable, else if you’re in some mood to explore – head next to our Downloads Page.

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Tune in next week for our upcoming post // Challenges for 2022: Breaking down 30 Resolutions (Part 4), wherein we’ll cover the final quarter of the year and some ending notes to help you kickstart on the challenge if you still haven’t – can’t hold the excitement, stay hooked!

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