Challenges for 2022: Breaking down 30 resolutions (Part 4)

Welcome back to our series on Challenges for 2022, where we are breaking down our 30 yearly resolutions in challenges. So far, we’ve been able to cover diverse goals through these challenges; goals that we usually frame in the form of resolutions. It’s been a roller-coaster ride up to this point, and we see a productivity-enhanced 2022 ahead in the next few quarters as well. Have you been able to decide which ones you’d like to take up?

We’ve already posted on our challenges for the first three quarters. In this part we’ll be taking you through a summary of what our Q4 is going to look like:

Challenges for Q4:

October Challenges – 2022

  • Walk 5000 steps daily. I was once on a streak of 10,000 steps every day. Back then, we were trending on this app we had recently discovered – Step Set Go. The trend caught me like an addiction and I would carry my phone while walking around my room studying or taking a walk down the common playground. It was an energetic rush, the adrenaline of walking 10,000 steps every day. Watching the notification pop up from the health app, the congratulations felt like an achievement every single day. Movement is something we have neglected a lot in this era of Work-from-Home. To tackle this, I’m going to stick by my resolve to walk at least 5,000 steps daily.
  • No caffeine for two weeks. My soul trembles at the thought of no coffee for two whole weeks. Coffee is how I start my work-day; it’s the perfect motivating factor for me, a part of my morning routine. This is going to be the toughest challenge of the entire quarter!

November Challenges – 2022

  • Declutter the house every week. This is one challenge I’m absolutely looking forward to. I love a decluttered environment, however, it takes some inspiring song to get me in the groove. This challenge would give me the perfect push to do a declutter session every week, mostly Saturdays.
  • Purchase something to improve your life. It’s so essential to invest in things that make life better and more accessible for you. This November, I’m planning to get something that’s: 1. A technology 2. Adds value to my everyday life 3. Makes me instantly happier in some way. Anything that fulfils 2 out of the 3 criteria mentioned above shall be my litmus for deciding on this.
  • Wake up at 8 a.m. every day. And the efforts have already begun. I’m trying to gradually wake up at 9 a.m. daily. Some days I pass and some days I fail miserably. However, this is one habit that I desperately want to inculcate into my daily life. I want an 8 a.m. morning to be my routine; and if that gets easier, I’ll aim for 7 a.m. next. The goal is to find a time that gives you enough space to enjoy your mornings before you start diving into hustle mode.
  • Go an entire day without complaining. Woah! I’m already sweaty at the thought of this. I don’t remember the last time I’ve had a single day when I haven’t complained. It’s always something ranging from work or a stressful study project to a book misplaced in the house or the food being bland. This is an ultimate challenge for me and I’m super excited to ace this with the level 100 self-control that I totally lack.

Ending Notes: If you haven’t already started the challenge, just go for it. We’ve organised the challenges in 12 months to make it easier and a fun experience for everybody. However, missing out on January doesn’t mean the year has passed. You can pick any month you want, you can mix and match the challenges to create your 12-month challenge. All we want is for you to be better at your resolutions this year, let’s do this! Join us in the comments below, update your monthly and quarterly progress with us. We would love nothing more than to know that we helped you make a tiny change.

On that note, Last reminder in our last part of the 2022 challenges series. We’re live with our latest printable – 2022 Monthly Challenges. The theme for this printable is “Being better at Resolutions this year,” and we’re going to keep trying to make your year even better with our equipped planning aids and radical views on personal and professional growth. The printable comes in two versions – Classic and Sunshine; both of which we love! Click on the link to find the printable, else if you’re in some mood to explore – head next to our Downloads Page.

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