Everything You Need to Know About the 2023 7mm Planner

Have you recently purchased a planner or are thinking about doing so? This might be right for you if you have a job that requires you to be organized, or even just if you need some inspiration to organize your life better. So, I thought it would only be fair to write this review on our newest planner purchase: the 2023 undated planner from 7mm.

We’ve been talking about it non-stop lately and we’re hoping to get some feedback from you guys on your experience with this planner as well.

Also, this does not beat my preference for the Magical Flow Undated Planner by The Piko Shop. However, every year, I get two planners – one for professional needs and one for my personal needs. And this year, I feel these two were my best picks.

Here’s where you can grab your own 7mm Planner:

Life of Your Dreams – Undated Planner by 7mm Between the Lines – Undated Planner by 7mm The Magic is in You – Undated Planner by 7mm Great Things Ahead – Undated Planner by 7mm

Let’s have a look at what the package included:

  • The Undated Planner 2023 in the theme Life of your Dreams
  • 2 x A5 Alphanumerical Sticker sheets
  • Deck of Meaningful Conversation Cards
  • 4 x Motivational Quote Cards
  • List Notepad
  • Planner Canvas Pouch

2023 Planner in the theme Life of your Dreams

The planner is 9″ x 7″ and created with 100 GSM Natural Shade Paper. The planner is hardbound with a cover that says Create the Life of your Dreams. It’s designed in a nice shade of Mystic Pink with gold foil accents. There are two rose gold ribbon bookmarks and a spacious tan-brown pocket at the back.

Again, this one also has three sections: The start is where you set down your beginning of the year intentions. You can write your own story, reflecting on the previous year and setting goals for the current year. I love the space where they guide you on picking your core values. There’s space to create your vision board, create a reverse bucket list and do a self-care assessment. There’s space to note down things that soothe your soul, a make-time-for column, plan your financial goals and set your intentions. You can plan out your routine as well under four slots – morning and evening routine for work AND morning and evening routine for your personal life. There’s also a space to note down important dates and write a letter to yourself.

The middle is where you can find all the spreads – Annual, Monthly, Weekly and Daily. What I found with this planner is that they have put all the monthly spreads together back-to-back for all 12 months. So you can’t really do a month-wise planning where you start a month and then find the daily spreads following it. Not really. But I’m excited to try this format out for once since I’ve never really used a planner with this kind of organization.

Talking about the monthly spreads, there are pretty spacious spreads to put down your monthly events. There’s also the habit tracker and honestly, the format is more or less the same as The Piko Shop Planners’. These are quite different from the 2021 and 2022 planners that I had been using before, but I love the habit trackers I’m currently using. You can just track them in a chain through the boxes or circles and the days are pre-mentioned.

The weekly spreads come next. Here, you have pre-allotted spaces to jot down your top 3 priorities for the week, what you’re looking forward to, any affirmations you’d like to note, your focus area for the week (in relevance to the Level 10 Goals) and also you can mark your Exercise and Healthy Meal days. Every week comes with a reflection prompt as well.

The daily spreads are again really spacious with half a page dedicated to each day. On the margins, you have the space to note down your to-do list, write down what was the best thing about the day and mark your water intake.

Towards the end, you’ll find a simple end of the year review activity. There are a few pages to create lists and a few sticker pages which have graphic illustrations which I really loved. They are pretty different from the alphanumerical stickers that came in as a freebie with the package – these ones are more personal, more vibrant!

ListMaker – Notepad

The notepad is 7.5″ x 3.5″ and is created with 100 GSM wood-free paper. It says ‘for the one who loves to make lists’ and comes with 60 sheets. Every sheet has 21 bullets to create your listicle and wherein you can put down your to-dos for the day, your shopping lists, grocery lists, books to read, movies to watch – whatever fuels your happy factor!

Deck of Conversation Cards

Next, we’ll look at the deck of meaningful conversation cards. The deck comes with 24 cards and 48 questions about life, for meaningful conversations and reflections. What you can do with these cards is – you can shuffle these and you pick one card randomly. You can answer one side of the question and then hand it over to your partner who will answer the other side of the card. You can use this with your family, friends, coworkers, anybody you’d like to have a meaningful conversation with!

Motivational Quote Cards

Next up, we have the motivational quote cards. They are 4 cardstock graphics which are pretty inspirational. Here’s the four quotes they include:

  • Every day is a fresh start
  • Trust the magic of new beginnings
  • Yes, you can
  • Little things make big things happen

All of these cards are blank on one side and so, you can just write down stuff that you’d like to see regularly. Anything that really inspires you or keeps you motivated. Positive self-talk. And keep the cards close to your study desk or workspace to keep your motivation in place.

Alphanumerical Sticker Sheets

To be very honest, I did not really like these. It’s mostly because I’m more of an illustrations person. I like my stickers to be livelier, creative and more personal and overall, not restrictive to the same old alphabets and numbers. Not much to talk about here.

Canvas Pouch for the Planner

This is like a planner jacket which you can use to carry your planner around. It’s amazing and the quality is pretty durable. The planner fits in so smugly into it, it’s really cute to watch and it says ‘Discover the New Me.’

So here we are towards the end of the review. Most of the pages or activities were not really utilised by me. The pages I actually ended up loving AND using apart from the monthly, weekly and daily spreads are –

  • Core Values Activity
  • Reverse Bucket List
  • Self-Care Assessment
  • Things that Soothe Your Soul
  • Yearly Financial Planning Pages

We’ll be posting more about the planner on our Instagram Page. Meanwhile, let us know what you think about the planner in the comments below.

All the lessons, realisations and efforts, you’ll see all of it working in your favour! Each day you contribute to your growth, to your future, will help you carve a better life for yourself.

Most-liked phrase from the ‘Hey There’ note in the 7mm Planner

Ri and Ved @ Productively Yours

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