How to know if you’re overthinking | 10 Questions [ Part 1 ]

There’s a thin line between thinking and overthinking, and we’re here to make the thought process easier for you. Thoughts are indispensable, even constructive at times. While problem-solving and self-evaluation are productive, over-thinking is not – it becomes really important to differentiate. This week, we are posting 5 questions out of 10 that will not only help you understand when you’re overthinking but could also help you escape the cycle with some honest self-reflection. We’ve already posted the 10 questions on our socials this week; herein the blog post, we’ll be helping you explore these questions in detail with some add-on support from us. Let’s go!

Here onwards, we are taking you through part one in the ten-question list that helps us figure out (most of the time!) if we have been overthinking:

Do I have control over the issue about which I’ve been thinking. Often we tend to constantly ponder over scenarios that we have absolutely no control over; more often than not, these scenarios are hypothetical situations. The question boils down to this: if we have zero control over an issue, why spend a bundle of our evacuating energy on it?

Am I dwelling a lot on the past or worrying too much about the future. The most significant point being – are you missing out on your present while dedicating the majority of your mental stamina to sunk memories or prospective daydreaming.

Is this making me too anxious or having me lose focus over all the other important things in life. Losing out on things is something that happens to people on a perpetual basis; you work, spend time with others, invest your time in career growth and learning resources. Eventually, you play catch up with life once in a while. However, overthinking leads to a lose-lose situation in life. You’re gaining absolutely nothing with all of the time you’re putting into this thought that’s taking you nowhere. Let’s beat through anxiety productively rather than letting overthinking beat us in this race of life where time is scarce and our to-dos are vast!

Am I losing sleep over this when I know there’s nothing I can do about it. Remember, nothing is worth losing your sleep over. Like we highlight in our Best Quotes from Burnout, “What else but sleep can mend a broken bone and a broken heart?” – we’d like to add, and a broken mind. In this generation where cases of depression and burnout are on a rise, the ability to be mindful is such a boon. Have you considered that sleep might help you think straighter, think better? Reconsider what you’re losing sleep on; overthinking is just not worth all the fatigue.

Am I constantly reminding myself of a mistake I’ve made in the past. Self-blame is not easy, we’re aware. We’ve been there and we’ve constantly buried ourselves into the depths of guilt far more than we’d like to admit. Nevertheless, mistakes are in the past and the only way forward is rectification. If you think your mistake(s) are fixable, why are your thoughts even dancing on your mind right now? Go ahead, own up and fix them! And assuming that you’ve done something non-reversible or ethically incorrect – make an effort to earn your right to be forgiven. Thinking about it really changes nothing, there are simply no steps being taken forward.

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Knowing whether you’ve been overthinking is the first step if you wish to stop. And disclaimer // We are not mental health professionals, we’ve not taken up professional studies and we cannot offer you professional mental health support. These resources are curated by us through personal experiences; having experienced these innumerable times ourselves, this is a portion of what helps us figure out our thoughts and it could be a start for you. The above are not professional pieces of advice; however, keeping our thoughts in check can be of great productive help in general. We hope we supported you in an escape from some of the overthinking slumps that you were in or helped you invest your time in something more productive than incessant thinking today!

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    • Ritika Das

      Hey Nithin, I know how difficult it gets sometimes. But trust me, this gets better and sooner than you think, you’ll get better and focused at your thoughts. Not saying that overthinking completely fades away; not even sure if that’s possible. But you can always find a way to channel your thoughts for a mindset that’s kinder to you. Keep writing, you have some great poems!

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