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People who should be working, delighting customers, showcasing extraordinary skills, unlocking other worldly value for their organizations so both they and their firms experience success are watching inane videos on their phones, shopping online for shoes or scrolling through their social feeds. I’ve never seen people so disengaged at work, so checked out and so exhausted. And I’ve never seen people making so many mistakes.

Robin Sharma, The 5 AM Club

Filling valuable hours with meaningless moves is the drug of choice for most people. Intellectually, we know we shouldn’t be wasting time on zero-value activities, but emotionally we just can’t beat the temptation

Robin Sharma, The 5 AM Club

Beginning your day intelligently, healthily and peacefully isn’t only about optimizing your public and private success. It’s also about protecting it.

Robin Sharma, The 5 AM Club

Delegate tasks that are not only a poor use of your hours but also diminish your happiness. Ideally, restructure your entire life so you’re doing only the things you’re great at – and love to do.

Robin Sharma, The 5 AM Club

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