Level 10 Goals + How to Use Them for a Productive Year

2023 is going to be absolutely amazing and we’ll help you make it better and productive. The tool we’re talking about today is such a wholesome concept – Level 10 Goals. In this episode, we’re going to explore what these Level 10 Goals are, which areas of our life do they affect and how can we use them to grow this year.

What are Level 10 Goals?

Level 10 Goals are a productivity strategy founded by Hal Elrod in his book The Miracle Morning. This strategy uses your awareness about where you stand in your life and helps you envision where you want to reach. The strategy helps you understand your current status and areas of improvement that you can focus on. It helps you explore what goals you should prioritize and also helps in balancing all important aspects of our lives. Let’s make sense of how to use these goals. However, first we’ve got to understand which are the Level 10 Areas that we are dealing with.

Categories of Level 10 Goals:

  • Family and Friends
  • Personal Development
  • Personal Finance
  • Career
  • Relationship / Marriage
  • Personal Health
  • Personal Environment
  • Fun and Recreation
  • Contribution and Giving
  • Spirituality

How to Use the Strategy:

The concept is pretty simple. Consider a pie-shaped diagram with 10 divisions and 10 smaller pie-circles within it. Visualize something like this:

Image Source: Masha Plans

Every pie represents an area of improvement; categories that are essential factors and affect your satisfaction levels in life. How you begin is — you take each category and you rate yourself out of 10. For instance, I rate myself a 6 out of 10 on Health and Fitness and Vedant rates himself an 8 out of 10. I highlight six levels out of 10 on the pie for Health and Fitness whereas Vedant highlights eight. We rate ourselves over all ten goal areas and mark these levels on each respective pie.

Next, we analyze where we have a scope for making progress. All those empty levels are areas where we can make improvements throughout the year. So, we start setting goals which will enable us to get better in these areas. When it comes to health, we could probably set a goal like “Lose 10 inches this year.” To enable this goal, our actionables could include – “10,000 steps every day” or “30 minutes of weight-training every day.” These are just loosely thrown examples for now; we’ll try to create realistic category-wise goals and actionables in a later post.

Coming to the end, we set goals for all ten goal categories. We can also choose to selectively set goals for the categories where we want to be better this particular year. Finally, we start doing actionables to make progress on our established goals.

Few Rules to Turn your Year Productive:

  • Do a weekly review for the actionables that you have set for reaching your goals. If these actionables are not working out for you, rethink if you would like to pursue a different plan of action.
  • Do a monthly review of how much progress you have made on the Level 10 Goals that you have set. Evaluate if any of your goals have been achieved and whether you should create additional goals for a particular category. Again, if something is not working out for you, don’t set your plans in stone. Change your course of action to help make things happen for yourself.
  • Do a quarterly review of where you’re currently at on your Level 10 Goals. Mark new levels if you’ve made any progress in the last quarter.
  • Reset your status on an annual basis. Repeat the process and rate yourself out of 10 again. Set new goals, cross new benchmarks, keep getting better.

Pin down your thoughts around this strategy in the comments. We would love to know if you’re going to use this the coming year and what’s your plan of action.

Until next time, love and virtual hugs!

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      IKR! I absolutely love that with Level 10 Goals you don’t really have to worry about missing anything. I think it covers everything that we personally want to be better at. Also, thanks for reading the post through and through! 🙂

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