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This is not the first year that I have ordered my planners from Pranita Kocharekar. She has now rebranded her website into The Piko Shop, which is continually energetic and full of life. Last year as well, I was using ‘The Work Life Balance Planner’ illustrated by her. It was an absolutely amazing experience and I had been utilizing it to plan down my personal goals and to-dos. It was no surprise that when mom asked me what planner I wanted for my birthday this year, I jumped at the thought of my next planner coming in from The Piko Shop.

Here, in this post, I’m going to break down everything that came in with my ‘Trio / Planner and Calendars’ order. I got mine in the cover option Magic Flow and it definitely feels magical already. There are two other cover options – Floral Day and Floral Midnight. And this is honestly what I feel when it comes down to planners: The cover has to call out to you. It sits there comfortably on your desk until you really want to pick it up every day and fill in your plans.

Let’s have a look at what the package included:

  • Desk Calendar 2023 in the theme Redefining Busy
  • Wall Calendar 2023 in the theme Chip’s Self-care Secrets
  • The Undated Planner in the theme Magic Flow
  • Freebies: Sticker Book + 10 Notepads

The freebies, specifically the 10 notepads, were applicable on pre-orders. However if you order now, they are still offering the Sticker Book and 5 Notepads with the trio.

Wall Calendar 2023 in the theme Chip’s Self-care Secrets

The wall calendar is 11.5″ x 15.5″ and created with 257 GSM mildly textured paper. The cover says, “Chip’s Real Self Care Secrets” and has this really cute illustration of Chip – the dog. Every month of the calendar has a self-care suggestion and an illustration of Chip modelling it in light-hearted variations. There’s ample space on the spreads to note down any upcoming appointments or notes. Also, Indian public holidays are pre-filled in the calendar. It’s no kalnirnay, lol — but I think it covers almost all the public holidays celebrated throughout all the states. My personal favorite illustration is the month of October which says, ‘Celebrate Yourself’ and shows Chip doing a hula-hoop with its collar saying ‘Goodest Boi!’ — Love it! Oh also, the calendar comes with one full size page of stickers towards the end.

Desk Calendar 2023 in the theme Redefining Busy

The desk calendar is 9″ x 6.8″ and created with 300 GSM mildly textured paper. The cover says, “I am very Busy” and has cute animal illustrations throughout. The theme is majorly around redefining what busy means to you and every month has a ‘being busy’ suggestion redefined in terms of work-life balance. Again, the holidays are pre-filled, the spreads are pretty spacious to accommodate your appointments and events. I especially love how the print quality is so damn good. My personal favorite illustration is the month of December that says, ‘Busy being extra’ and shows a penguin dressed in Christmas clothes. The desk calendar also comes with two pages of stickers to the back.

Planner in the theme Magic Flow

We’re down to the main stuff. I’ve always loved the planners by Pranita Kocharekar; they are really heart-warming and productivity-enhanced, all in one. The size is A5, and the planner is a matte hardbound, hardcover that says, ‘Flow & Grow.’ It’s designed in a nice shade of purple with gold foil accents. There’s a white ribbon bookmark and a tan-brown pocket at the back.

There are three sections: The start is where you set down your beginning of the year goals and do some reflection. There’s a space to put down your yearly agenda into 12 blocks, write a letter to yourself, space for a dream board. There are prompted activity spaces to help you set career, personal and financial goals for the year. You can find a mental health circle which helps you circle down on what you are exactly feeling. There’s also a space to track down your yearly and monthly reminders.

The middle is where you start your monthly planning. Every new month starts with a nice illustration, however there are no tabs. Of course, given that this is an undated planner. Hope that’s not a deal-breaker for you because the planner is really amazing in all other aspects. We start off with setting goals for the month followed by a few ‘start of the month’ reflections. You have the monthly spread with a margin to write up any notes that might be required for the month.

Since the planner is undated, you won’t find the holidays put up here. There’s a ‘Mental Health for the month’ space to gauge your mood, how you’re feeling and to track your habits. This is followed by the ‘Finances for the month’ spread which is quite basic with a cash flow column to record expenses and three tiny reflections.

Next up, we have REALLY SPACIOUS daily spreads with half a page dedicated to each day. On the margins, you can set your top 5 priorities as well as track your water intake and meals. At the end of every week, there’s a weekly reflection page which does not include any prompts. However, it encourages you to dump your highs and lows over the week – like a brain dump section.

Towards the end, you find a space to jot down dreams for the next year, yearly agenda for the next year and a few blank, dotted pages to journal your thoughts. There are also a few sticker pages towards the back and fair warning, I might be biased because I love stickers.

Freebies: Sticker Book and Notepads

The sticker book is amazing – it says, ‘Stickers for all moods’ – and rightfully so. The book is A5 in size and has over 450 stickers. Each page has a dedicated theme like say ‘plan your life’, ‘vacation mode’ and ‘me time.’ These were just a few but it surely has many to keep up with throughout the year.

Additionally, there are 10 notepads. Ah, correction – 10 absolutely, delightfully, cute notepads. Most of them are blank but there’s also one dotted notepad and one priority list notepad. And the illustrations, I’d pay up just for these high-quality graphics, designed from scratch.

So here we are towards the end of the review. Most of these were details about the products because I’ve not started using them yet. But I have a hunch that I’m going to have an amazing time planning this year. Do check out her website – The Piko Shop – it was worth all the wait and indeed it turned out to be a happy mail. We’ll be posting more about the planner on our Instagram Page. Meanwhile, let us know what you think about the planner in the comments below.

Also, have you picked a planner for 2023 yet?

Ri and Ved @ Productively Yours

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