A Week in Our Life | Weekly Wrap-up | November 25, 2022

‘A Week in Our Life’ is a weekly wrap-up that we are hosting at Productively Yours where we talk to you about what we were up to the entire week. I absolutely love doing this because I feel this brings us closer to you. But also, this helps us review how we’ve grown through this week and encourages us to vocalize on a few ideas. And hey, we’re just playing some “catch – up” with life, week after week, while we review our progress and hold on to some joyful memories. This is also because we want to feel connected to our viewership and these wrap-ups feel really personal. Besides, we also most definitely want to know how your week was, so drop your stories in the comments below. Let’s go!

A Week in Our Life

This week we started off on a social note. We were attending my niece’s birthday, which was a dino-themed event. The cakes were so damn pretty (dino-shaped, of course) and the decor was prettier; I’m sure a lot of people poured their hearts into making this event happen. Later that day, we spent some wholesome time with Cash. He’s our beagle and he turns three this December. Looks aggressive but has a heart softer than my plushie.

On Sunday, we were at the Spoken Fest, Mumbai ’22 — what an event! I had absolutely no idea that Varun Duggirala was turning up for a modern conversations session around Podcasts and Social Presence. It was absolutely worth every bit of our Sunday. We tried a few savouries from House of Amel, basically a butter croissant and a hazelnut cake (Loved them!). But the highlight for me was a Blind Book Date that I tried at the event. It was hosted by The Blind Book Date, this is their Instagram Page — you can check them out. In a nutshell, they have books wrapped up in brown mail papers with a really short, ‘4 – 5 words’ bio of every book written on each package. You pick the one that appeals to you and boom, you end up with a blind book date. (Psst… I got “This Charming Man” by Marian Keyes).

Monday to Thursday was kinda fine. Workload was a little overwhelming for me, but nothing unmanageable. Of course, we’d love to write something about the life of an analyst in business consulting since we’re both working as analysts. That’s of course, if you’re interested and for later.

For me, the best day was Tuesday because I finally received my 2023 Planner and Calendar Trio Combo from The Piko Shop hosted by Pranita Kocharekar. I’ve been using her planners for two years now and I love, love, love them. The illustrations are amazingly cute and motivational. I discovered Pranita’s account on Instagram all thanks to my best friend, Mohini. She’s been talking about her designs and illustrations for a while now. Also, she kinda motivated me to try out the Work-Life Balance Planner that she had released last year. And, a little filter whatsoever, I loved it abso-effing-lutely.

Anyhoo, I got this years’ planner in the design “Magic Flow”, and it definitely feels magical already. I’ll review the trio combo once I start using the planner. For now, I’m too excited to ruin them with my pens, markers and hands. And Vedant is being utterly patient while I brag on and on about my planning essentials.

Thursday, we both tried working from a cafe because life was getting too monotonous. Mom hasn’t watched Brahmastra yet, so we also took this day to re-watch the movie with her. Damn, the jitters! I’m giving my CAT this Sunday and I’m not trying to sound like an overachiever, but I’ve prepared for nothing. Legit! Vedant isn’t even sure if he’s appearing, and all the ease is mostly because this isn’t a real attempt for us. We are just trying to give a mock through this attempt. All in all, this was our week wrapped up. Know more about what we’re reading, watching and posting this week.

What we’re reading this week:

What we read every week is broken into an improvement block and a reset block.

Books that we pick for our improvement blocks are the ones that we read while working. Our improvement blocks are mostly a 10-minute break post every task that we complete. This helps us stay focused and improves our workability. We also mention the Level 10 Goal that this particular book is helping us progress in. Since these are mostly self-improvement and non-fiction, there’s always some area of focus to pin.

Books that we pick for our reset blocks are the ones that we read when we’re doing our sleep routine. These books are mostly fiction, so they help us move into a calmer state of mind, feels relaxing and breaks the long workday. We’re also putting down our weekly ratings for these books, they might just boom to a sky-high 5 or plummet to a sea-deep 1 towards the end. Stay tuned!

Improvement Block:

The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ Demarco | Level 10 Goal: Finances | Review so far: 3.5 / 5 | Link to purchase

Attitude is everything by Jeff Keller

Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller| Level 10 Goal: Personal Development | Review so far: 3.5 / 5 | Link to purchase

Reset Block:

The Wish by Nicholas Sparks

The Wish by Nicholas Sparks | Genre: Contemporary Romance | Review so far: 4 / 5 | Link to purchase

What we’re watching this week:

  • Chicago Med – Season 3 (TV Series) – Ri
  • Four More Shots Please (TV Series) – Ri
  • How I Met Your Mother (TV Series) – Ved

By the way, Mom has turned into a huge Chicago Med fan too. Just saying.

Blog post this week:

No blog posts this week 🙁

But we’ll catch up on this next week and if you’re willing, you can revisit our last two posts on Maximising Productivity when Working from Home – Part 1 and Part 2. I’m planning to draft a post around Level 10 Goals since I’ve been so obsessed with them for a few years. And they’re like the perfect tool or concept around which you can position your growth goals and needs.

Oh btw, we’re celebrating one year to Productively Yours tomorrow. You’ve got to watch out for our Anniversary Post coming up TOMORROW! I bet you’ll agree with what I’m talking about in that post. Hope that feels as personal to you as it feels for us putting it out there, wide open for people to judge. Lol.

Our Instagram Posts from this week:

Love that you tried to spend some time getting to know our lives, we would like to know yours too. Pin down your weekly updates in the comments below. Until next week, love and virtual hugs!

Ri and Ved @ Productivelyours

Disclaimer — Posts are authored jointly by Vedant and Ritika, worded by Ritika in first person and reviewed by Vedant for the final version — for any narrative confusion, please read accordingly

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