We’ve Moved Into A New Place | Happy Women’s Day

It’s been a while since we’ve posted any updates on A Week In Our Life. It’s also been a while since I’ve written something productive. The reason being that we finalized on a house to move into and we’ve been so caught up with the entire shifting process. In my last AWIOL, I mentioned that I’ll probably not end up moving into the specific place that I absolutely loved. This was majorly because there were so many obstacles surrounding the place including budgetary constraints and deep diving into whether it was economically viable.

What followed was again two weeks of intense discussion and chaos, but nevertheless, we ended up getting the place! And damn, sharing this with you is literally amplifying the joy I’ve been putting a pause on.

We’ve been dead-ass tired for the past two weeks trying to get the whole set-up done and dusted. And we’re still on it because the furniture’s not settled in. Thought needs to go into what has to be repaired, reused or disposed in the new place. But as tiring as it might be, I love what the house brings to the table. Lots of sunlight, open spaces, room for movement – that’s all I needed. I have a bigger workspace now and that’s the major element that I was trying to factor into.

Mom started touring for work right before we initiated the shifting process, so it’s been difficult. In India, we’re so prone to having things set up in a particular way. So many cultural components are taken into account when we’re planning into the fundamentals of what goes where. And of course, Feng Shui – it’s exhausting trying to get things placed in a way that suffices all the rules of creating a happy home. Now, I don’t strongly believe in these, but my mom does. And in her absence, it’s been difficult trying to coordinate on what she currently visualizes for the house.

Anyhow, now that we’ve found a happy place – also thanks to you since you’ve listened to me rant about these tiny aspects of my life – I want to take this day to wish you all Happy Women’s Day!

You’re capable of great things and I’m absolutely sure that you’re going to achieve them this year. I want to thank all the women of my house who have broken their necks creating this life for our generation. I want to thank them because it’s their courage that has created a life of privilege for us. And I also want to thank the men of my house who have constantly supported the women into stepping their games up in life. Into creating the belief that we’re more than what the world told us we could be twenty years back. Here’s to creating progress irrespective of whether you’re male, female, non-binary, non-conforming or gender fluid. We’ve made it past generations of oppression as humans, let’s kudos!

With lots of love and until next time 🙂

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