What I Learnt About Accepting Change In My Life

The only constant in life is change. Change, whether good or negative, is unavoidable since life is always changing. I believe this is why we dislike change so much – it might be difficult for us at times. It has an effect on our emotions and makes us apprehensive when we consider how things will be different once a particular length of time has gone. Change might be seen negatively, but it isn’t all terrible since we can utilise it to our advantage by making adjustments that improve our lives in certain ways.

Here is my general experience with change based on two guided reflections I did:

Is change hard or easy for me?

Change has always been extremely difficult for me. I’ve been a very rigid person most of my life and I’m still reluctant to change. I’ve always been used to a certain way of living and any minor change can trigger anxiety and restlessness within me. I’ve been constantly open about how this has been a prolonged issue for me.

How does it affect me?

On a physical note, I go through increased heart rate and palpitations at the first thought of change. As the physical tension phases out, the mental block grows on me. I face incapability when it comes to deciding on further steps or plans of action required. There’s just so much distress that I go through in the minutes that follow. As a result, I’ve mostly been a person who’s processes are majorly inflexible.

How I work on accepting change when I absolutely need to?

I escape to a zone where things are more familiar. Anything that feels more mundane and recognisable works for me. It could be as simple as a familiar sound, smell, person – anything. This helps me recover from my mental block and urges me to start thinking. Once, I am equipped to think calmly about the change, I turn to my essentials – a pen and a paper. There’s lots of brainstorming on the issues and solutions. Finally, I can boil it down to something practical and there’s acceptance! Although, this really helps me with problem-solving, the cycle continues every time I come across a situation of change.

I’d like to end by saying that it’s a process to go through. I’ve been trying hard for years, and there’s honestly been really tiny versions of progress. Some days, I really can’t keep a track of this growth unless I review the person I was two years back. Patience is the key since it will definitely take time, especially if you’re somebody like me. Also, the changes you’ll see in your habits and your mindset will be gradual. However, I believe that if you really want to try accepting change in life, at least start making tiny attempts at tuning your mindset. You’ll see some change in how you perceive the course of action in the long term.

Let’s connect over a reflection:

What are your views on change, how does it affect you and do you have any personal go-to solutions when it comes to accepting change in life.

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